Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Went to Manly

Did another photo trip around The Rocks, an area of Sydney catering to the tourists. This is the part of the city first colonised by the convicts and their keepers, and features some very quaint little allies, barely wide enough for two people to walk side by side. Also a host of small restaurants and cafes.
Took a ferry trip to Manly, a place just out of Sydney, and met up with another WCer,Lindsay, whose user name is LPBaker. We spent a very pleasant afternoon visiting the Manly Art Gallery, and on to a blissfully quiet park area, where the only disturbance was bird song. Also took in the view of the Sydney area from a headland which overlooks the way to the ocean, taken by the Sydney/Hobart yacht race each year. Oh to be up there on race day. It was a great afternoon... thanks Lindsay.
(Note) The pics are in The Rocks, not Manly.


Diana said...

I'm so glad you met up with a nice WCer (is there any other kind?) and got to have a nice visit. I'm looking forward to some photos of Manly here!

Brian said...

Really didn't get any pics of Manly, we were too busy chating and wandering the place. Maybe Lindsay will come up with some for you Diana.