Friday, September 25, 2009

City Wanderings

Yesterday I wandered the city for a while.... had a beer at the Warriors Return, my favourite Sydney pub....had lunch at a Bavarian restaurant in The Rocks....rode a ferry across to the north shore and walked from there home, so got my exercise :)
A couple of photos I sort of like are of (right)the bustle at Circular Quay... and (left)one showing one of the newer "fast" ferries, really sleek lines and comfortable seating.
Could have cropped those photos for better effect... but they were direct from the camera.... must keep that in mind.


Diana said...

These are the kinds of photos that remind me of why I love Sydney -- it always seems so clean, so sunny, so sparkling, so blue!

Brian said...

That's just how I feel about the place Diana, but of course there are the areas that tell another story. I'll stick with the pleasant picure. Thanks for the comment