Monday, October 12, 2009

Last Sydney Stroll?

Went for a another stroll in the city today, may be the last this trip as I leave on Friday... and yes, it's Tuesday here. Spent time in the Museum of Sydney... great information on construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and on the tram service that used to run here. Some cable car and some overhead electrical power system.
Wandered the Royal Botanical Gardens for a bit and got some photos there of course,thought the sign telling me to PLEASE WALK ON THE GRASS was worth showing, then lunch in The Rocks and a ferry ride back to the north shore. I've thrown in a pic of a Manly Ferry... bigger than the local harbour ferries but with a peculiarity. It never has to turn round.... two bows and no stern so it is going forward all the time, sort of like the "pushmepullyou" in Hugh Loftings "Doctor Dolittle". You want to sit at the front end you go to the end facing the ocean when you board. Valuable information for anyone always wants to look where they are going. :)
I thought the view of the Jacaranda tree in the middle of the public area of Circular Quay was worth showing. Sydney makes sure you see blooms wherever you go.


visitsydneyharbour said...

Nice pictures an wonderful posting too. Really informative .

Diana said...

Love the 'walk on the grass' sign! It's hard to believe that you'll be heading home so soon -- seems like you just got there, Brian...