Thursday, October 16, 2008

Heading north Oct 13

It was time to go from South Island to North. All that was required was to be up and around in time for the loading of the ferry. Made it on time and then sat in line for over an hour before they start loading. At least once they started it seemed only minutes before we were on, big rigs and all, and sailing out of Picton to the ocean. Lovely day for a sail but enough breeze to remove even the hardiest bug from the brain, and a laugh when someone started a fire in a cig butt receptical, put out by a female crew mwmber with a jug of water from the restaurant. Bet she wasn't getting firemen's pay either. A lovely view of Wellington as we came into the harbour (pic attached)...that was maybe the best part of that city as it's gotta be the worst place to find your way around if you don't know it. A host of one-way streets and half of them in the opposite direction shown on the map, with never a street name in site. Getting out in the morning was way easier than getting in the previous night. Heading north for Taupo, and then on to Auckland.

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